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24 Days Left! Help support the arts!

There’s only 24 days left. Please help fund this important documentary. It’s been 22 years since Dalilia has been to her native country, Colombia. She left in her teens to find better opportunities in Venezuela  and eventually the United States. The search for opportunity came with a price though. She left behind her family, and has not seen her brother in over 22 years.  

Follow her as her daughter takes her on a journey of hope and reunites her with her family.


Remember, this project does not get funded if it does not reach it’s $4,000 goal by February 22nd at 11:59pm. Any amount helps and you can pledge as little as $1.

Now for those of you saying, “I have to wait til pay day before I pledge,” no money is deducted from your account until February 22nd. Again, absolutely NO MONEY is deducted until the project is fully funded on February 22nd.

Please support.


[video: LaToya Ruby Frazier talks about post-industrial poverty in her hometown Braddock, PA, and how Levi’s is using that grittiness to promote its brand. On the sidewalk in front of a Levi’s-sponsored art space, she destroys the jeans she’s wearing by rubbing them repeatedly on the pavement.]

This is great.

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Great video about a 9-year old boy who creates his own gaming arcade! 

From: Caine’s Arcade: A Short Film by Nirvan Mullick
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